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Day Three

Thursday 11th June

We woke and had breakfast and made lunches for the day . We packed up the dormitrys loaded our stuff on to the bus and went to flinders uni.When we got there we had morning tea and went in.We saw robots that were trying to load golf balls into holes.When we finished we went out of flinders and ate lunch.Then we hopped on the bus and left.when we got back to school we got everything off and then sat down and waited for our parents.

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Day Two

Wednesday 10th June

We woke up and got dressed and went for breakfast.After breakfast we tidyied up from breakfast and had free time around the campsite then we packed lunches for the day and prepared for the day. We had morning tea and then caught the train to the city, then took bus to Adelaide oval when we were at Adelaide oval we got to go in the Adelaide crows coaches box and the score board.We went into the change rooms and I standed under the show.On the new big screens the colour from far away looked yellow but up right next to it the colours were red and green it was weird.After our tour we went to the bus stop and ate lunch when the bus came we hopped on and went to bounce.it was the best place ever,most of the time I played dodge ball.Then we went back to the campsite had tea and watched big hero 6 with popcorn and milo when the movie we went to bed.

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Day one

Tuesday 9th June

We hopped on the bus and said goodbye to the mums and dads.On the bus I sat next to Liam and we talked about what we were going to do when we get there and was playing with Fin who was behind us.when we got to st kilda we hopped off the bus and ate lunch and then got into our camp teams,our team was Jacob,Janelle,Loki ,Edward,Jade,Noah and I, our team leader was mrs Herrmann . We had to find two of every thing ,pulleys,wedges,levers,wheel and axles,screws and inclined planes, we found all of them.after that activity we had some free time i went on the zip line, it was super fast and super fun.There was a new piece of equipment since I had last been there it was a climbing net.After our free time we hopped back on the bus and drove to warradale camp site,on the way to warradale I sat next to kye .when we got there we took our bags out of the bus and put them in the rooms and then we went to the common room and went over the rules and expectations.Then we ate lunch and unpacked all our stuff after that sci world came for two show a light show and a rocket science show at the rocket science show we had to make a rocket and make it fly with these air pumps to see who design went furthest the winners were Aidan and Edward Aidan's hit the TV it went so far.when sci world left we had afternoon tea and played outside,then we went inside and got ready to walk to Pizza Hut, we got warm jackats on because it was cold outside.when we got to Pizza Hut we sat down the tables and waited to be chosen to go up,when I went up I had to get a drink I got Rassberry.When I got chosen to get pizza I got bbq pizza,meat lovers and Pasta with bolanaise it was yummy,when I got up for seconds I got Hawaiian and more pasta with bolanaise.when I finished that I was an idiot and got desert (I was an idiot because I was already full)for desert I got icecream with marshmallows.when we had to go Liam and I had really sore tummys.when we were walking it was dark.i was walking with Liam kye and josh.When we got back I had a shower and then we had quite games and then went to bed.

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